Served all day

Egg Sandwich

Local cage-free eggs & your choice of cheese – Vermont white cheddar, gruyere, or American.

&grain favorite: add bacon, cheddar, avocado, tomato & chipotle mayo

Baked French Toast

4 thick slices of our pain de mie baked in a vanilla and cinnamon swirled custard. Served with Vermont maple syrup & sliced apples.

Old Fashioned Oatmeal

Warm and hearty steel-cut Irish oats made with skim milk.

&grain favorite: add granola & bananas

Fresh Fruit Parfait

Layers of Greek yogurt, house-made granola, fresh strawberries & blueberries with a honey drizzle.


Avocado Toast (Vegan & Vegetarian)

Our avocado mash on a slice of our 5-grain.

&grain favorite: add 2 eggs over medium & bacon

Apple Baguette (Vegetarian)

Julienned apples sautéed with Vermont maple syrup, sliced brie, organic baby greens & house-made pickled red onions on our baguette.

&grain favorite: add 2 eggs over medium

A.L.T. (Vegetarian)

Avocado, lettuce, tomato & chipotle mayo on our toasted pain de mie.

&grain favorite: add 2 eggs over medium

Nutella & Banana (Vegetarian)

Nutella topped with sliced bananas & drizzled with chocolate syrup on pain de mie. Served with sliced apples.


Local thick-sliced applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato & chipotle mayo on our toasted pain de mie.

&grain favorite: add turkey

Prime Rib

Garlic roasted prime rib, truffled caramelized onions, sliced brie, organic arugula, & house-made horseradish creme on our 5 grain.

&grain favorite: add bacon & avocado

Chipotle Chicken

Grilled chicken, melted smoked gouda, truffled caramelized onions & chipotle mayo on our ciabatta.

&grain favorite: add bacon

Ham & Brie Baguette

All natural honey roasted ham, sliced brie, organic baby spinach & dijon on our baguette.

Harvest Turkey Club

All natural turkey breast, gruyere, local thick sliced applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, & house-made cranberry spread on our 5 grain.

Chicken Pesto

Grilled chicken, melted mozzarella, roasted tomatoes & house-made arugula pesto on our ciabatta.

Grilled Cheese

Goat cheese, sliced brie & prosciutto di parma on our thick sliced pain de mie toasted with garlic butter.


Served with a sliced baguette.

Caesar Salad

Our toasted garlic croutons & shaved parmesan on a bed of organic chopped romaine with a homemade Caesar dressing. Served with a parmesan crisp.

&grain favorite: add grilled chicken & avocado

Apple Salad

Shaved apples, bleu cheese & candied walnuts on a bed of organic arugula, tossed in our apple cider vinaigrette.

&grain favorite: add grilled chicken & avocado

Roasted Beet & Carrot Salad

Roasted beets & carrots, herbed goat cheese, & house-made pickled red onions on a bed of organic mixed greens tossed in our tarragon vinaigrette.

&grain favorite: add bacon & avocado

Panzanella Salad

Our toasted garlic croutons, red onion, house-made sun-dried tomatoes, & shaved parmesan on a bed of organic mesclun tossed in our balsamic vinaigrette.

&grain favorite: add grilled chicken

Cobb Salad

Grilled chicken, crumbled local applewood smoked bacon, Vermont white cheddar, local cage-free egg, avocado & tomatoes on a bed of organic romaine, tossed in our tomato bacon vinaigrette.



Call for soup of the day


Call for soup of the day


Bacon, Leek & Gruyere

Savory egg custard with local applewood smoked bacon, sautéed leeks & creamy gruyere baked in a flaky crust

Spinach, Tomato & Feta

Savory egg custard with tomatoes, sautéed baby spinach & crumbled feta baked in a flaky crust

Bread & Pastries



Epi Baguette

Ciabatta Roll

5 Grain Loaf

5 Grain Dinner Roll

Raisin Walnut Batard

Olive Batard

Olive Flute

Pan de Mie


Cranberry Walnut Flute

Chocolate Roll



Chocolate Croissant

Chocolate Croissant Twist

Cheese Danish

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Roll

Chocolate Peanut Butter Roll


French Toast Sticks

Peanut Butter & Nutella Sandwich

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Nutella Sandwich

Grilled Cheese


Stumptown Coffee


Cold Brew

Nitro Cold Brew

Harney & Sons Teas

Hot Tea

Iced Tea (unsweetened)

Cold Beverages

Cheerwine Soda

Galvanina Organic Lemon Soda

Galvanina Organic Blood Orange Soda

Galvanina Organic Ginger Ale

Galvanina Organic Cola

Saratoga Springs Sparkling or Still Water

Horizon Organic Vanilla or Chocolate Milk

Honest Kids Organic Apple Juice

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