At the heart of &grain is our commitment to quality
and deliciousness. We use only the finest
ingredients, sourcing produce through local farmers to
ensure freshness. Our artisan breads are baked fresh
daily on premise using just the basics: flour, water,
salt and yeast, with no conditioners or preservatives.
Crafted today as they were in the beginning, we knead
and shape each item by hand, and bake in only the
best, Bongard oven, straight from France.

John Ropelski, owner and head baker, has come a long
way from his former career in finance. With a blood
line of bakers from the old country, and an optimistic
vision to create a place of comfort and quality the
old-school way, he took a leap. John enrolled in the
French Culinary Institute, studying and training under
some of the best bakers in the world. After years of
hard work and preparation, he is proud to bring you:

Go with the grain, and enjoy!